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Drink our best beer with us
WHEELS - First Irish bar in TbilisiFollow our wheels


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Visitors to WHEELS's can choose from our diverse lunch and dinner menus, which feature exquisite European, Georgian and Irish dishes, created exclusively by our chef. Our specialties are Irish and Georgian food  and we have an irresistible line of desserts to finish off your meal.
We cater for private parties, and are available to assist you for all of your catering needs. We can help you plan anything from a simple lunch to a private function, help you select the appropriate menus and ensure that your event is a great success. Please feel free to contact us by phone to book your party.
The much sought after resident chef has created a delicious menu that has a little something for everyone in it. In addition to the excellent food on the lunch and dinner menu, each day Irish Pub offers their own 'specials' available for your personal choice. And prices are average. In case you pay by "VISA", "Master Card" there is  just 3,5% extra charge.

Whether it's a birthday, Christening or graduation party, the bar and wait staff will ensure you have a thoroughly enjoyable time.
The WHEELS has a warm, homely atmosphere, with friendly staff, and amiable patrons, making it a great place to both eat and hang out.






Irish Stew, Fried Brisket (Pork), Ragout of Pork, French Roast Beef, "Pilmeni" in the crockery pot, Steak, Beef Stroganoff, Beef in the Monastery way, French Beefsteak, Kievski Chicken Cutlet, Chicken Cutlet with Champignons, Chicken Cutlet with Cheese, Chicken Cutlet with Ham, Sturgeon in the English way, Barbecued Sturgeon, Roasted Trout, Potatoes baked in their skins with Herring, Lobsters, Julien with Champignons, Stewed Champignons, Champignons in the crockery pot, Champignons in the crockery pot with Cheese, "Sulguni" in the crockery pot, Fried "Sulguni", Khachapuri" (Cheese Bread), Pizza, Beans with Corn Bread "Mchadi", French Fries, French Sausage

Green Salad, Summer Salad, Mushroom Salad, Salad Bombay, Chicken Salad, Salad with Lobster's Sticks, Salad for Gourmands, Chief Salad

Sausage Assortment, Ham Assortment, Marinated Tongue, Smoked Fillet of Sturgeon, Humpback (Salmon), Fish Assortment, Red Caviar, Cod liver, Lobster's Sticks, Roasted Lobster's Sticks (fried), Swiss Cheese, Dutch Cheese, Cheese Assortment, Sulguni (Georgian Cheese), Smoked Sulguni, Olives, Pickles, Pickled Assortment

Fish Soup "Ukha", Soup with Mushrooms, "Akroshka",

Ice-Cream, Chocolate, Tea, Tea with Rum, Nescafe with Cream, Nescafe-Amaretto, Capuccino, Turkish Coffee, Cake, Pistachio, Peanuts, Salt Sticks, Hot Chocolate







  • European: - Guinness, Kilkenny, Harp, Grolsch, Heineken, Krombacher, Beck's, Carlsberg
  • Czech: - Budweiser, Staropromen
  • Georgian: - Argo, Kazbegi, Kazbegi Porteri, Beer Topadze



  • IRISH: - Black Bush, Bushmilles (10-12 years old), Jameson, Jameson Blended, Tullamore Dew
  • SCOTCH: - Johnnie Walker Swing, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Johnnie Walker Red Label, Dimple, Chivas Regal, Ballantine's, Teacher's, White Horse
  • AMERICAN: - Jack Daniels, Jim Beam (Collection), Wild Turkey Bourbon, Early Times
  • CANADIAN: - Crown Royal


Olmeca (Gold and Silver), Sauza (Gold and Silver), Pepe Lopez (Gold and Silver)



Beefeater, Gordon's, Seagram's Extra Dry



Bacardi, Bacardi Anego, Havana Club, Havana Club Anego,



Finlandia, Finlandia Cranberry, Ursus, Ukrainian Vodka with Pepper, Dovgan, Rustavi (Winter Vodka), David



Remy Martin, ARMAGNAC CDD VSOP, Courvoisier



Napoleon, Cavallino Rosso, Sarajishvili, Eniseli, Vartsikhe, Gremi, "GWS"


  • RED - Khvanchkara of Kipiani, Kindzmarauli
  • RED DRY - Bordeaux, Kvareli, Mukuzani, Saperavi, Aleksandrouli
  • WHITE DRY - Tsinandali, Manavi, Old Tbilisi, Campari, Pernod, Ricard


Martini Extra Dry, Martini Bianco, Martini Rosso, Cinzaro Extra, Cinzaro Bianco, Gancia Bianco


Natalie, Royal


Baily's, Cointreau, Pa-Radisi, Kahlua, Tia Maria, Marie Brizard, Malibu, Sambuka


Blue Curacao, Advocaat, Cherry, Kibowi, Kreme De Cacao


Grapefruit, Mango, Tomato, Lemon and others,
Coca~Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tonic
NATURAL JUICE: - Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit
MINERAL WATERS: - Borjomi, Kavkasia, Soda Water



Wheels One (Jameson, Baily's, coffee & cream),
Wheels Two (Jameson, Baily's, Turish Coffee & chocolate),
Irish Coffee (Jameson, coffee, cream, chocolate & sugar),
Eire (Guiness, Jameson, champagne),
Paranoia (Mistery of the Pub),
Las Vegas (Sarajishvili, Bols Chocolate, cream & ice),
While Sexing (Sarajishvili, Bols Chocolate, orange juice, cream&ice),
King Crimson (Finlandia, Bols Chocolate, ice),
Fat Cat (Courvasier, sugar syrup, egg & ice),
Black Jack (Sarajishvili, Kahlua, coffee&ice-cream),
A Rusty Nail (Jameson, Cointreau, lemon & ice),
9 1/2 Week (Ballantine's, Kahlua, Bols Kibowi, Tia Maria, ice),
Sex Drive (Finlandia, Martini Bianco, ice & olive),
Ragtime (Finlandia Cranberry, Martini Bianco, Campari, mango juice, lemon ),
Dry Cocktail (Finlandia, Martini extra Dry, lemon & olive),
Blouise (Bacardi, Martini Bianco, lemon & mango juice)
James Bond (Martini Bianco, Beefeater, olive & lemon)
Sinead O' Connor (Finlandia, Cointreau & juice)
Blood Mery (Finlandia, tomato & lemon juice, salt)
Screwdriver One (Finlandia, tonic & lemon)
Screwdriver Two (Finlandia, lemon & Coca~cola)
Screwdriver Three (Finlandia, lemon & orange juice)
Gin-Tonic (Beefeater, Tonic & lemon)
Gin-Sprite (Beefeater, Sprite & lemon)
Gin Fanta Beefeater, Fanta & lemon)
All Capone (Bacardi, Coca~cola)
Tequila Boom (Olmeca (or Sauza) Silver, Tonic & lemon)
Campari Juice (Campari, orange juice & lemon)
Finlandia Cranberry, Kahlua, coffee & cream)
Mad Fin (Finlandia Cranberry, Cointreau, lemon)
Black Russian (Finlandia, kahlua)
Makhno (Finlandia, Bols Chocolate, vanilla-ice)
B-52 (Kahiua, Baily's, Cointreau)
Surprise from Mamuka (Mystery of the Pub)
King-Kong (Finlandia Cranberry, Martini Extra Dry, mango juice, fruit)
Martini's Cocktail (Martini bianco, Finlandia, Sarajishvili, orange)
Zombi (Martini bianco, Beefeater, Finlandia, Olmeca bianco, lemon)
Maria (Tia Maria, lemon juice, Sprite, cherry)
Margarita (Marie Brizard, lemon juice, Tequila)
Sauza Margarita Mix
Tatia's Blue Tongue (Martini bianco, Blue Curacao, Beefeater, champagne, lemon)
Sting (Champagne, Bols Teardop, cherry & lemon juice, sugar)
Kiss from Ireland (Mystery of the Pub)
Shendy (Harp, sprite-Kilkenny, sprite)
Cold Coffee (Coffee, sugar, vanilla, Amaretto Romanza, whip cream)
Pulp Paper (Coca~cola, egg, sugar, coffee)
Child's World (Coffee, sugar, ice-cream, Amaretto Cream, whip cream, fruit)
Hot Wine (Kindzmarauli, sprite, spices)


Cafe Creme
Davidoff Lights
Dunhill Lights
King Edward
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike Lights
Marlboro Lights
Parliament Lights
Phillip Morris
Rothmans King Size





Drink our best beer with us

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