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Come to WHEELS
WHEELS - First Irish bar in TbilisiFollow our wheels



Come to WHEELS

A Tradition of Excellence

Since they first opened it's doors in 1996, your host - "WHEELS", have turned the Grandstand into one of the most popular Irish pub, bar / restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Specializing in first class Irish, Georgian, American and European cuisine, The WHEELS has become a favorite spot for both local residents and frequent visitors to the Tbilisi.



"WHEELS" - The award winner Irish Pub

"Wheels" was awarded as "Pub of the Month" in May by "USA NEWS":

"An Irish pub in Georgia (in what was once the Soviet Union). Unthinkable a few years ago and now the keg-selling leader in the region with no less than six 50 litre kegs of Premium Lager and Amber Ale being emptied each week. These days, Wheels is one of the most popular pubs in Tbilisi, close to the main square. The associated restaurant serves excellent western as well as traditional local cuisine."  ("USA NEWS")




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